OVHcloud Inference Engine - driving the roadmap

OVHcloud Inference Engine - driving the roadmap

Welcome to this OVHcloud new survey !

As part of the OVHcloud AI team, we often meet customers facing issues when they want to deploy ML models in production.
Hard to deploy, hard to size, hard to scale up and down etc., leading to time-consuming operations and project failures.

Today we want to simplify your daily use of ML by taking care of the deployment part.
You bring your models, we take care of the serving part on our OVHcloud Public Cloud.

This survey will help our AI team to drive the roadmap in the right direction for you !
Please take 3 minutes to help us.

At the end, you can opt to register your email if you want to receive access to the lab, survey results and roadmap.

Collected informations : datestamp, URL referrer.
Optionnally collected : e-mail if you want to.
Not collected : IP and everything else.

There are 10 questions in this survey.