Web PaaS Powered by Platform.sh Beta Onboarding

Web PaaS Powered by Platform.sh Beta Onboarding

There are 11 questions in this survey.

General information

What is your name ?
 first + last
Company name
 your role in the company
Company Activity

 keywords or description
OVHcloud NIC (username)
 your login name on ovhcloud.com

Beta qualification details

Are you used to or planning to work with CI/CD on Git ?
want to try
Which languages do you usually develop your websites or webapps with ?
How many developers work on your typical projects ?
1 to 3
3 to 10
more than 10
Are you familiar with Platform.sh or other platform such as Heroku, Netlify ... ?
I know Platform.sh
I don't know Platform.sh
Please describe very shortly the project you might deploy with the platform during the Beta

If you are selected for the Beta phase, do you agree on sharing your comments and suggestions about the product on a Gitter room opened only to Web PaaS powered by Platform.sh Beta testers ?